“Baby ban” on Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has become the first major airline to ban babies from first-class cabins

Because of seats reconfiguration, Malaysian Airlines announced that infants will not be seated in forthcoming A380 first-class cabins. 
Considering implemented ban on airline B747s, M. Mohamed Azharuddin Osman, Director of Operations says: “Each new seat came with an electrically operated ottoman that doubles as a visitor seat and could convert to a lie-flat bed with the main seat. As a result of this seat revamp and the introduction of the ottoman, there was no facility for positioning bassinets in the First Class of the B747s.” 
Bassinets, however, would still be found in business and economy class cabins.
On the other hand, one expects premium seats to represent a fair portion of airline revenues, and many passengers do complain about the stress endured with on-board babies’ disturbances.
The announcement provoked mixed reactions over social medias and the press.
The Independent, BusinessTraveller
[pictured: Crying baby]

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