“Fake hotel” discovered in Swedish resort

Local newspaper discovers that no hotel is at the given address

What appeared to be an attractive hotel in the pretty Swedish ski resort of Åre, a hotel that had been advertised on major hotel websites from the beginning of December, has turned out to be fake. Until a local newspaper, Östersundsposten, discovered that no hotel was at the given address (Årevägen 144) and broke the story, the Hotell Fjällfågeln had been marketed through the prominent hotel information and booking site hotellsverige.se and also had its own website, fjallfageln.se. The fake hotel’s website has since been closed down and the booking site has withdrawn the listing.
Peter Fridén of Hotell Sverige told Östersundsposten: “They emailed us info about their hotel. We rang them back and the guy bought the whole concept with pictures and links. They really are very crafty.” Police are investigating.
The Local
[pictured: Postcard sent from Åre, 1904]