“Legroom wars” continue in the skies

Third fight on over legroom within about a week

Airlines are often on the receiving end of abuse and criticism from customers, due to delayed flights, high fares and additional fees. But passengers’ biggest enemy in the skies may be – other passengers.

The third high-profile fight on a flight over legroom in little more than a week happened when a Delta Airlines flight from La Guardia to West Palm Beach was forced to land in Jacksonville due to an argument between passengers. Police removed one passenger from the flight.

According to witnesses, the argument erupted between a woman who wanted to recline her seat and another in the row behind who had been resting on her tray table. One of the women became loud and abusive.

In a similar incident five days ago, an American Airlines flight from Miami to Paris was diverted to Boston following an argument over a reclining seat.

And a few days before that, as previously reported, a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver was diverted to Chicago due to two passengers fighting over a Knee Defender device that stops the seat in front from reclining. Many carriers, including United, ban the device.

MarketWatch / Reuters

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