“Solar farm” set up at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

Aéroports de Paris unveils 800 panels on 4,000 sq m

Airport authority Aéroports de Paris has set up up a “photovoltaic” or solar plant composed of 792 panels and covering a total ground surface area of 4,000 square metres.
The power plant will ultimately produce 157 MWh of electricity, to be injected directly into the Aéroports de Paris network leading to savings of seven tonnes of CO2 per year.
As part of its strategic plan for 2011-15, the airport outhority plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 2009 and reach a goal of 15% renewable energy in its internal energy consumption. Aéroports de Paris also opened a geothermal power plant in 2011 which covers all of the terminals’ heating requirements and a wood-fired power plant in 2012 which should cover 25% of its heating requirements.
“Aéroports de Paris aims at becoming an example in the field of sustainable development,” Didier Hamon, the authority’s environment and sustainability director, said. “The design work carried out in partnership with the Civil Aviation Authority led to the use of polycrystalline solar panels containing special glass to limit optical reflection.”
Airport World

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