“Superstorm” Sandy: latest flight news

Flood assessments conducted at LaGuardia and JFK

New York’s storm-hit JFK airport will reopen Wednesday afternoon, according to the FAA’s website, while Newark is expected to reopen at 07.00 on Wednesday, local time. However, it is probable that both airports will have limited service. LaGuardia still has not set an opening time. A photo taken from inside LaGuardia on Tuesday showed flooded taxiways. Flood assessments are now being conducted both there and at JFK.
More than 17,000 flights have been cancelled due to Sandy so far. More than 1,020 flights have been cancelled for October 31, bringing the total number of axed flights to around 17,062. The airports with the highest volume of canceled flights for Tuesday and Wednesday are Philadelphia (1,066 cancelations including 182 Wednesday); Newark (996 cancelations including 322 Wednesday); La Guardia Airport (893 cancelations including 250 Wednesday); JFK (812 cancelations including 177 Wednesday); Ronald Reagan National Airport: (705 cancelations including 105 Wednesday); Logan: (605 cancelations including 60 Wednesday); Dulles International Airport (602 cancelations including 32 Wednesday); and Baltimore/ Washington International Airport (601 cancelations including 31 Wednesday).
Stewart Airport, located west of Newburgh, New York State, is open, with a fully operational schedule today. Atlantic City International Airport remains closed.
SAS was forced to cancel four return flights from Scandinavia to New York-Newark on Monday and Tuesday and one return flight from Copenhagen to Washington on Monday. SAS is waiting to hear whether flights from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Newark can be operated today. If Newark is impossible, it will try to reschedule to Washington instead. Lufthansa has cancelled all flights to Newark today. Today’s first flight to JFK is also cancelled, but Lufthansa is hoping that JFK can reopen during the day.
Huffington Post / Check-in
[photo courtesy NASA]

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