“We’re going to die”: BA causes panic on flight

“We will shortly be making an emergency landing on water,” announcement says

“It’s the situation every air passenger dreads,” AOL writes. One moment you’re relaxed in your seat midway through a transatlantic flight, the next you’re gripped by terror by an emergency announcement. This is what happened at 3am on British Airways flight 0206 from Miami to London Heathrow. The announcement was: “This is an emergency. We will shortly be making an emergency landing on water.” Panic, screams and crying filled the cabin among the unfortunate passengers, who thought they had moments to live. “I thought we were going to die,” one passenger recounted.
Then another announcement, this time of apology: the previous message was an error; please ignore it. On landing, BA distributed letters of apology. But a number of passengers felt that cabin crew had not taken the incident seriously enough at the time.
[pictured: British Airways Boeing 747; courtesy oneworld]