10,000 architects to visit Denmark

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Copenhagen to host major architectural congress
Years of preparation and lobbying has paid off, as Denmark has been chosen to host major architectural symposium in 2023.
The prestigious World Congress of Architects will be going to Copenhagen in six years’ time, bringing the world’s most famous architects together – around 10,000 of them in total.
With the overall theme of Sustainable Futures, the congress will discuss architecture’s contribution to the 17 sustainable development goals for the world set out by the United Nations.
It will be the first time the event, which is held every three years and is the biggest of its kind in the field of architecture, is hosted by a Nordic country.
“We are very proud that Copenhagen has been chosen and very much look forward to welcoming the world’s architects in 2023,” Natalie Mossin, chair of Akademisk Arkitektforening, explained. “Nordic architecture, landscaping, planning and design have a great deal to offer, and we very much look forward to sharing this with colleagues from around the world.”
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