20% rise in Finnish travel to southern Europe

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Matka Nordic Travel Fair

Research released as Matka Nordic Travel Fair draws closer

Finns are eager to continue travelling around Europe, according to a study released in the run-up to the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2018, billed as the largest travel industry event in northern Europe.

Matka will take place in Helsinki on January 17 to 21, attracting more than 1000 exhibitors from 80 different countries and in excess of 50,000 consumers and 20,000 travel industry professionals visit the event.

Finns’ travels to central and southern Europe increased this year and is expected to rise further in 2018, the research by Statistics Finland says.

In 2017, there was a 20% increase in the number of trips made by Finns to Spain, Italy and Greece, compared to the previous year. Mediterranean and southern European countries will be prominently featured at Matka, including Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Malta.

Other travel destinations represented at the fair include the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Balkan states of Croatia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Tatarstan, Israel and Georgia.

Hiking and biking
As part of a Europe stage program, Macedonia will introduce the country’s hiking and mountain biking trails, while author Satu Rämö will share her best tips for a family trip to Iceland.

Other insights on the stage include what makes the Polish city of Toruń the gingerbread capital of Europe, what the Saint Petersburg of the writer Nikolai Gogol is like, and how the photographer Jussi Aalto experienced Minsk in Belarus.

The stage will also present one of the world’s most famous hiking and pilgrimage trails, the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

The international sales event Matka Workshop Day will kick off the travel fair on January 17. Matka Pro, meanwhile, is the name of the event’s professional and B2B exhibitor program.

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