84% of us eavesdrop on personal conversations

Almost all of us listen to mobile conversations on public transport
As mobile devices become increasingly used on every mode of transport, it comes as no surprise that the people around us are listening to what we’re talking about. But this could actually be dangerous practice.
New research by mobile network O2 concludes that 84% of us admit to eavesdropping on other people’s conversations on public transport. It warns that many people are revealing details from their lives to hundreds of people.
The survey said that 74% then gossip with their friends about the overheard conversation – and 40% reveal details on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
Most of us do not realise we are revealing personal details, including salary or work gossip (48% of conversations) an important business deal (34%) and medical results (23%). However, 6% of the survey respondents actually enjoy having their calls overheard. Most likely to talk loudly on their phones are teenagers, followed by businessmen and the slightly drunk.
The Independent
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