A million hotel rooms worldwide

Over 5,500 hotels are currently under construction
More than one million new hotel rooms are being built around the world, according to a new report, and over 5,500 hotels are currently under construction.
The total inventory of exactly 1,012,987 new rooms in 5,504 projects means an average room count of 184 per property, Lodging Econometrics reveals in its latest Global Construction Pipeline Trend Report.
A further 3,675 hotels with 516,709 rooms are due to start in the next 12 months. The total global pipeline including all signed projects at any stage of development comprises 1.96 million rooms and 11,776 projects.
Dubai has the biggest pipeline of any city (117 projects, 32,899 rooms), followed by New York (192 projects, 30,541 rooms), Seoul (154 projects, 30,456 rooms), Shanghai (125 projects, 23,252 rooms) and Sanya in China (60 projects, 22,629 rooms).
The US has the biggest total pipeline (4,960 projects, 598,688 rooms), followed by China (2,340 projects, 525,640 rooms). As much as 57% of global development is now in these two countries.
Of the companies, Marriott has the largest global pipeline with 2,190 projects and 368,077 rooms, followed by Hilton (1,841 projects, 283,326 rooms), IHG (1,351 projects, 209,208 rooms) and Choice Hotels (488 projects, 42,933 rooms).
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