A social media strategy for travel brands

Tips for monitoring and responding to social media activity

Ally Dombey, director and co-founder at Revenue By Design, a small chain and independent hotel consultancy service, lists 19 tips for a social media strategy in the travel industry. A survey of 600 hoteliers with a variety of international backgrounds found that 65% of the respondents will invest less than $5,000 in social media in 2011. However, an effective strategy for best practice in developing social media programs could involve the following tips, among others.
Create a committed team to channel the expertise needed to respond to questions. Nominate an internal “fan” – someone to champion the brand and create enthusiasm in the team. Establish a daily social media routine. Ensure your brand has the right messaging on social media, though that doesn’t have to mean something hip and funky. And use reputation reporting tools, such as VisibilityGain, to listen to what is being said about your brand.
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