A transatlantic, low-cost battle: Kjos interview

Norwegian boss Bjorn Kjos enjoys a “dogfight” with rivals
Norwegian boss Bjorn Kjos’s strategy for success is to keep a close eye on the bottom line and make the most of every aircraft – but he also relishes the odd “dogfight” with rivals, an interview in TTG Digital shows.
Even at the age of 69, Kjos clearly still has the appetite for a battle (he refers to his skirmishes with SAS as a “dogfight”), but he says he is happy to sit back and let others take control.
“We have very professional people running the operation, running the airline. I’m more or less a coach running on the sidelines applauding,” he says.
He is critical when it comes to the fate of his larger, more established, full-service legacy rivals.
“They have to actually redo their cost element – that’s essential for them to do. Remember they have been operating for a long time; they have been heavily loss making on the short-haul and they use the long-haul to subsidise the short-haul and they’re still doing it.
He adds: “We are profitable on the short-haul and we have a much larger network than these legacy carriers.”
As an ex-fighter pilot and the writer of a literary thriller, you might expect the boss of Norwegian to have a romantic view of flying.
After all, he’s currently pursuing one of the industry’s holy grails: long-haul and low cost – something that has been attempted with only limited success over the past 40 years.
But does Bjorn Kjos see himself as a visionary? Not quite. The full interview can be seen here.
TTG Digital