A380 makes emergency landing in Hyderabad

Emirates Airbus A380 from Bangkok needs landing due to “technical snag”

An Emirates A380 flying from Bangkok to Dubai was forced to divert its path yesterday to make an emergency landing at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in south-eastern India. Investigators have been hurriedly dispatched to Hyderabad to find the reasons for the incident. An Emirates spokesperson said: “Emirates can confirm flight EK 385, an A380 aircraft from Bangkok to Dubai, was diverted to Hyderabad international airport today at 03:45 hours due to a technical snag in the aircraft.” The statement added that all 410 passengers onboard were disembarked safely and are being transferred onto three separate flights to Dubai.
The aircraft initially contacted Chennai International Airport, but was told that the runway was too busy for landing to be accepted.
[pictured: Emirates A380]