Aarhus declares war on plague of seagulls

Seagulls have ruined too many Aarhus seaside picnics
Seagulls have ruined too many picnics. Hunters armed with powerful airguns are being let loose in Denmark’s second city of Aarhus to stop the feathered menace, as a plague of the birds terrorizes residents and tourists.
The gulls are at their most furious in the summer months and the municipality’s aim is to implement a cull before April 15, when the seagulls’ mating season officially starts.
The aggressive coastal birds have caused considerable annoyance in Aarhus.
“It’s not just because some seagulls are flying around and screaming, it’s the question that I live in horrific noise 20-21 hours a day in July and August,” one resident told broadcaster DR.
“When I talked with other residents in August, when it was at its worst, people were in tears and desperate. Some could not go out on their balcony because of seagull attacks.”
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