ABBA museum makes Sweden trips complete

For years tourists asked “Where’s the ABBA museum?”

Almost 40 years since they first set the music scene alight, ABBA finally have a museum worthy of their talent. And ABBA The Museum is making many incoming tourists’ visits to Sweden feel complete, the Australian news agency AAP reports.

Describing the fun that awaits visitors in the “impressive interactive features” found in each of its rooms, the article says the museum – housed inside the Swedish Music Hall of Fame – manages to satisfy ABBA obsessives while also engaging with the casual admirer.

Museum CEO Mattias Hansson, a former music journalist, says he understood the frustration of ABBA fans for many years when they visited Stockholm. Since its opening in May, the museum now fills a missing piece in the city’s tourism experience. It attracts between 1500 and 2500 people a day.

“The museum has been a question for much of the city of Stockholm for so many, many years. For all those years since ABBA split up in 1982 there have been questions from the foreign tourists: ‘Where is the ABBA museum?’ And the answer has always been ‘No’,” he says.

“Finally Bjorn and Benny of ABBA decided that they would say ‘Yes’ because they came up with the idea to call this address the Swedish Music Hall of Fame and to set up an exhibition about Swedish popular music history. Then they [were] fine with ABBA being added to that because they didn’t want to brag. They’re very much not the bragging types.”


[photo courtesy Visit Stockholm]