Actions hotel executives must take in 2015

Build a vision, use surveillance video, don’t get lost in big data
Hotel executives can better prepare themselves for the ups and downs of 2015 in a number of ways, writes Kelly McGuire, executive director of hospitality and travel global practice at the SAS Institute in the US.
Firstly, she advises: get educated. Tech moves fast, and every day brings a new provider, new app or new platform. It pays to get your facts straight about data and technology innovation. Being an IT expert isn’t necessary but execs should know the basics and rely on a couple of IT people they can trust.
Among 15 actions McGuire recommends for hospitality executives in 2015, are to “build a vision” (a long-term strategic vision for the company, department or team; where you want to be in five years?); “work with your peers” (fix the blurred lines between departmental responsibilities and synchronise activities in marketing, sales, revenue management and operations); “develop a common business language” so that everyone knows the data and “where the numbers came from”.
“Know your guest”, McGuire says, and how they deal with the world through their mobile devices, taking digital interactions with guests and turning them into “meaningful insight that can create that personalised experience to keep them coming to you.”
She suggests that surveillance video can be used to track traffic patterns and stop long waits for guests in certain areas – and a surplus of staff waiting for business.
Meanwhile, “don’t get distracted by big data,” she says. “It is really easy to get lost in all this new information and lose the point. As you begin to explore new data sources, stay focused on the business problem you would be able to solve with that data source.”
SAS Institute Blog
[pictured: Kimpton’s Donovan House Hotel, Washington DC]

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