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Photo: Aurora Arktika

Adventure company to run with the wind

An Icelandic adventure tourism company offers trips combining sailing and running in Greenland and Iceland.

The adventure tourism company Aurora Arktika is offering unique adventure trips. The Ísafjörður-based sailing company has gained attention lately for combining sailing and running.

Inga Fanney, who has extensive experience as a trail guide in Iceland, leads the running portion of the tours.

“A sailing and running trip includes travelling by sailboat to the point of departure for the run,” Fanney told Morgunblaðið.

“That’s where runners go ashore in a light boat and run a certain route, meeting up in the end with the sailboat. Most often, the sailboat sails from fjord to fjord, while the runners cover a similar distance on land.”

The next trip to Hornstrandir, the West Fjords, is planned for July 8 to 13. The company says that the trip is more focused on running than sailing, with the sailing craft Aurora serving primarily as a migrating home base for “gourmet meals, comfortable accommodations and friendly conversation.”

The plan is to sail on the first day from Ísafjörður fjord to Hesteyrarfjörður fjord and run that same distance.

Fanney says that they also use the time for looking at old relics from the whaling station and stop by the local doctor’s house, adding that these kinds of trips require some flexibility.

“A typical day starts by getting up on the boat, having breakfast and reviewing the plan for the day. We get ready by putting on our running clothes, making sandwiches and getting our backpack ready. Then the captain takes us ashore in the light boat … We make frequent photo stops, and stop to have a bite to eat. At the end of the run, the captain picks us up and takes us aboard the sailboat.”

Custom adventures
This summer, a sailing and running trip in eastern Greenland will be offered for the fourth consecutive year, beginning in Kulusuk and travelling for eight days.

In June, a similar trip in southern Greenland will be offered for the first time, where runners will fly into Narsarsuaq to meet with the captain of the sailboat.

In addition to the running and sailing adventures, the company also offers sailboat skiing adventures, other adventure tours and the option of a custom itinerary to “create the trip of your dreams” to any place they travel.

The combination adventures have been popular among Icelanders and foreign tourists as well, according to the company.

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