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Wavine Cyrique

Adventure travel set to grow in 2018

A new survey shows that most adventure travellers will spend more this year.

Adventure travellers want to spend more on their travels this year. This was a key finding of the Adventure Travel Survey revealed at the Adventure Travel Conference in London last week.

Around 30% of adventure travellers intend to take more trips this year, the research shows, compared to 2016, while 42% intend to spend more on travel.

Of the reasons given for expecting to spend more, 74% of the predominantly British tourists say it is because they plan to travel to more expensive destinations, TTG Digital reports.

The destination that tops respondents’ bucket lists for a ‘money no object’ trip is Antarctica, followed by New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the Galapagos.

In the trade survey, which more than 2,300 consumers completed overseen by tour operators, travel agents and tourist boards, the industry reports that in the last year they have seen particular growth in solo travellers taking adventure trips, but they are also seeing growth in multi-generational travel groups as well as two friends travelling together.

Closer to the date of travel
Further findings show that the most common booking window for adventure travellers is now three to four months prior to travel, with fewer than 15% of respondents saying they book more than six months in advance.

But the survey highlights encouraging developments for suppliers in the adventure travel sector over the past year, with 60% having recruited more staff, more than 70% having added itineraries in existing destinations and almost 60% increasing their marketing activity.

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