Adventure travel to be as popular as cruise?

Travel agents urged to train in how to sell adventures

The adventure travel market is in the same place as the cruise market was 10 years ago, a tour operator working in the sector maintains.

Intrepid Group’s regional director for the UK, Europe & South Africa, Michael Edwards, said the sector has been steadily growing in popularity over the last five years.

While adventure tours remain relatively complicated to sell, Edwards is confident that agents who get on board now and focus on training will reap the benefits over the next few years.

“The single biggest opportunity with the trade is for our sector, which has been growing particularly strongly in the last five years. It is product which agents in the past, particularly mainstream agents, have struggled to sell through a lack of knowledge,” he said.

“It is the same as cruise some 10 years ago. The industry took cruise in, and I see adventure as very similar as there is lots of consumer demand. People might still have a beach holiday, but they also want to do something a bit more cultured and adventurous.”

Intrepid Group manages Intrepid Travel, The Adventure Company, Peregrine Adventure, Geckos Adventures and Adventure Tours Australia. Groups are no bigger than 16 people. The average age of the group’s customers is in the mid-30s but there is a broad range of ages.

“They’re people who have perhaps backpacked and they come back a bit later and want the cultural experience and to share that experience with other people,” Edwards said.

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[pictured: Antarctic night, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station; photo courtesy National Science Foundation]

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