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Trekking in Ethiopia (photo: World Expeditions)

Adventure travel trends for 2019 revealed

Key factors shaping adventure travel over the coming year will be making it slower, quieter, smarter and greener.

Adventure travel will become slower, quieter, smarter and greener in 2019, the Traveloscopy travel blog reports, citing the leading adventure travel specialist World Expeditions.

The need for ‘downtime’ away from work and digital connections, concerns about overtourism and the need to travel sustainably while also having informative experiences are the major trends that will affect adventure travel in 2019.

Being constantly connected and the resulting lack of time to switch off in our everyday lives is driving demand for ‘slow travel’.

Concerns about overtourism is convincing adventure travellers to avoid travel hotspots and seek out alternative routes in lesser known destinations.

And the desire to maximise positive impact in destinations and the simultaneous need to learn something from the experience are all shaping the future of adventure travel globally.

Immersive treks
Slow travel could be a multi-day trek or cycling journey allowing travellers to switch off and immerse themselves in the natural landscape, putting them in touch with their senses in a way that is becoming a luxury for many people, World Expeditions says, pointing to its guided and self-guided treks, cycling trips at altitude and tours on e-bikes.

Quieter travel is a trend World Expeditions sees in a significant rise in enquiries for its exploratory expeditions in remote regions, or alternative treks in better-known destinations.

Smarter travel involves travelling with an expert or someone recognised in their field, adding an extra dimension to a trip. And greener travel might mean, for example, child-safe tourism, animal welfare, or conserving environments and cultures, all of which World Expeditions is seeing increasing demand for.

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