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Aeroflot Group sees 15.4% more passengers

The result reflects Russia’s resurgence in the world of travel and tourism.

Russia’s Aeroflot Group says it carried 50.1 million passengers during 2017, up 15.4% on the previous year, a result that reflects the country’s resurgence in the world of travel and tourism.

The airline Aeroflot itself carried 32.8 million passengers, an increase of 13.3%, with the rest being transported by the group’s subsidiaries Aurora, Pobeda and Rossiya Airlines.

Seat-kilometres offered increased by 14.2% for the group and 10.3% for Aeroflot airline, while the rise in sold seat kilometres for the group stood at 16.2%, for the airline 11%. Load factor for the group increased by 1.4 percentage points to 82.8%, for the airline by 0.5 percentage point to 81.8%.

The rate of growth lessened in December, however, when Aeroflot Group had 3.8 million passengers, up 9.6% year-on-year, and Aeroflot airline had 2.6 million passengers, up 8.7%.

But the number of passengers on the group’s international routes increased by 11% in December 2017 (Aeroflot airline up 8.7%), while the sold seat kilometres increased by 10.2% (Aeroflot airline up 8.5%) and capacity also rose 10.2% (Aeroflot airline up 9%).

Stable demand
The growth in the international segment was helped by stable demand and a strengthened rouble, increasing frequencies and the launch of flights to new international destinations.

There was also a significant development of subsidiary Rossiya’s partnership with tour operators and a developed international network for Pobeda.

In December, the group added five aircraft, three SSJ100s and two Boeing 737-800s, while phasing out one Boeing 777-200ER. The group’s fleet increased by 40 planes during the year, bringing the total to 325 aircraft as of December 31 (224 aircraft in Aeroflot airline), excluding seven aging leased-out Antonovs.

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