Aftermath of plane crash in Peru filmed

Peruvian Airlines 737 skids off runway in Jauja
Film has been posted online showing the aftermath of a plane crash in Peru. All 141 passengers on board escaped without “considerable injuries”.
The Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737 skidded off the runway at Francisco Carle Airport in Jauja, around 265 kilometres east of the capital Lima.
“[The plane] turned on the right side, skidding off the runway. […] The high professionalism of our cabin crew prevented a major incident,” the airline said in a statement.
The aircraft caught fire during the “forced landing”, according to Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications.
Firefighters rushed to the plane and worked desperately to put out the fire at the back of the aircraft. In the film, which can be seen here, a trail of flames extends along the ground from the rear of the plane.
Daily Mail / New Zealand Herald