Agency in trouble over €78,000 “ticketing error”

GDS allegedly gave wrong guide issuance to agency
A travel agency is facing possible closure after receiving an agency debit memo (ADM) invoice for more than £56,000 (€78,000) following a ticketing error, TTG Digital reports.
Karim Ghazzaoui, owner of Global Flights in London, said the problems arose after his agency booked 18 tickets for a group travelling in February last year.
However, the Air India flights, which were booked via Worldspan, were ticketed using the Aeroflot plate after he claimed the GDS gave the wrong guide issuance to the agency to do so.
Now, a year after the trip, the agency has received a total bill of £56,178 from Air India for the 18 tickets that Ghazzaoui believed had cost £508 each. He has been given until this week to pay.
“If Air India didn’t want to accept these tickets they could have said they were wrong [at the time],” he said. “I won’t be able to pay the airline and it is a killer situation. I’d close my business, it is logical. I haven’t defrauded them. I made a mistake because Worldspan was giving the wrong message.”
A spokesperson for Air India said the problem had been brought to the attention of the regional office in the UK. She added: “We’re looking into it and hopefully we’ll get a favourable reply from head office.”
TTG Digital
[pictured: Air India One; photo by José Luis Celada Euba]