Agent puts professional ethics above €23,000

Travel agent refuses to price-match competitor’s long list of quotes

A travel agent has refused to compete unfairly with a competitor after being offered a booking worth the equivalent of €23,000. A potential customer contacted the UK-based agent with a list of prices for a round-the-world leisure trip that had been painstakingly researched by another agent, asking her to price-match it. The customer said he had done the seven pages of detailed notes and quotes himself through the internet. But Kristina Hulme, managing partner at the local agency Travel by Design, spotted the name of another agent at the end of the seventh page.
“I had to walk away from the booking,” she told TTG Digital. “All that work that’s been done – all that investment that his agent has put in. It’s a hard decision because it’s a lot of money, but there have to be ethics in the industry.”
The incident occurs as debate continues in many European countries over whether to charge additional fees for time spent consulting customers, as agents usually do in the USA where such fees constitute about a third of agencies’ incomes.
TTG Digital

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