Agents can make money selling air fares

Travel agents don’t have to withdraw completely from air-fare sales

Travel agents have stopped selling air fares as a priority, focusing instead on selling cruises, tours and resorts. Air fares became superfluous, usually left to OTAs. But one online site that agents can become members of,, gives members the know-how to actually make money selling air tickets, through a new program called AirPro. This is done by driving “the customer experience from end to end” and creating a “new revenue stream.”
Agents began to give up on air fares as a source of income in the early 2000s when they stopped giving agents commission. This forced agents to become creative and start charging service fees or specialising in niche products. However, by not selling air tickets they are losing out on a big income source, achieved by attracting attention in promoting air fares to their customer base.
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