Agents compete for multigenerational travel

Trend of more family vacations planned and paid for by grandparents

More and more family holiday breaks are including three generations. Grandparents frequently accompany the family on trips abroad, to theme parks or on cruise ships – and then pay the bill. This has led to travel experts calling it a “hot trend”.
In 2010, 32% of grandparents in the US who took vacations took a holiday with their grandchildren, up from 22% three years before. That’s at least 5 million family holidays a year that span three generations. This number is expected to grow. Travel companies – including cruises, all-inclusive resorts and holiday accommodation – are making an effort to attract this multigenerational business.
Adults are working longer hours, struggling to keep their kobs, and planning and paying for a vacation is one way their parents can help. “If the older generation didn’t pay for the trip, there would be no trip,” says one agent. “An all-inclusive is better for kids, because they’re going to want snacks two or three times a day. And a la carte at a hotel, that can run you an extra $100 or $200 a day.”
[pictured: entertainment for all ages, Royal Caribbean]