Agents see more “3G” (three-generation) families

Grandparents are pushing for full-family adventure holidays

To travel agents, 3G is taking on a new meaning – all three generations of a family travelling on holiday together. As the population steadily grows older, so does the average age of agencies’ clients. In many western countries, grandparents now make up a third of all leisure travellers. They have time and money and are more physically fit than ever before. And they also want to spend more time with their grandchildren. Parents, however, have less spare time than ever before. This increases the popularity of the 3G vacation.
Adventure travel agents are seeing grandparents going for trips that their own parents would never have considered – exotic places and active experiences, including hiking and whitewater rafting. For other 3G trips, national park adventures, cruises and family-oriented resorts are very popular.
[pictured: Disney Cruise Line postcard]