Agents should “stop making excuses” for poor sales

Leading travel entrepreneur urges travel agents to be more proactive

Instead of looking for positive ways to improve sales, agents too often hide behind excuses like the global economic slowdown. This was one of the messages told to delegates during the weekend at the Elite Travel Group Conference on the island of Jersey, UK. One of the speakers, entrepreneur and author Nigel Botterill, said that many agents needed to spend more time on marketing and working out ways to attract and keep customers. Agents should do more to use the powers of the internet, such as adding themselves to Google Places so that they appear on Google maps.
“Instead of going and checking your emails first thing in the morning take 90 minutes instead and spend it working out how you can move your business forward and market it more effectively,” he said. “One of the biggest obstacles stopping you from achieving more is you.”
TTG Digital

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