Agents urged to do live streaming

Social media expert says video streaming can promote travel
If you’re not live streaming video on social media to promote travel, you’re missing out, says Nick Livermore of UK-based social media agency Digital Visitor.
Anyone who works in digital marketing will tell you that live video – also referred to as live streaming – is one of the leading trends in marketing this year, he says.
With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Twitter getting in on the act, social media is at the centre of the live streaming revolution. Travel agents and tour operators should think about starting to use it.
“Live streaming video excels at bringing the personality of a brand out of the shadows,” Livermore explains. “Still images can be compelling, especially in travel, but they don’t necessarily create human-to-human connections. Live video unlocks the friendly side of a brand, enabling followers to interact with stories.”
A tour operator could demonstrate its expert tour guides in videos of the incredible scenes and experiences offered on a tour.
Or a travel agent could promote its company’s high customer service by running live Q&A sessions with clients about certain destinations.
Attraction providers and venues could consider live-streaming events and offering followers a look behind the scenes.
“This type of activity will generate excitement about visiting in the future, or maybe even nudge them over the edge on a purchasing decision,” Livermore says.
There are pitfalls, however. “Don’t over-curate your live stream feed, as meticulously produced content can feel forced and lacking in personality, negating the major benefit of video content. […] Give your social media team or influencers creative license.”
He concludes: “So the main piece of advice would be to get onboard with live streaming and get started: the bar for entry is fairly low, and the returns could be impressively high.”
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