Agents warned about fraud and theft

Increasing numbers of criminals target travel firms

Travel fraud is on the agenda again, with an “increasing number of criminals targeting travel companies”. Warnings are coming both from the UK and US travel agents associations. The UK travel body, Abta, has just produced new guidelines to help businesses protect themselves from the danger of losing a lot of money through scams.
It says there are four key areas where travel companies are at risk. The first involves invoice fraud, which tends to happen when a legitimate invoice is intercepted and the account details are changed, causing the agent to pay the money to the wrong account. The best defence against this is to check received paperwork properly, as counterfeits are often poor quality.
Credit card fraud is still a concern. Effective staff training is the best way of fighting back, Abta says, as well as being suspicious of customers who don’t question the cost. Email scams also remain a problem.
Finally, Abta warns that agents’ retail outlets are an attractive target for thieves. It has created a guide to improve security, which is available at
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[pictured: The Cunning Thief (c.1930) by Paul-Charles Chocarne-Moreau]

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