Air France claims lowest CO2 emission flight

Airbus and Air France undertake “green” commercial flight

Air France and Airbus say they have completed the world’s greenest commercial flight by combining the latest fuel and air traffic management technologies. The flight, from Toulouse Blagnac to Paris Orly using an Airbus A321, demonstrated that half of the carbon dioxide was emitted compared to a regular flight. It combined for the first time the use of biofuels (50% in each engine), optimised flight procedures, reduced onboard mass and efficient “continuous descent approach” to minimise emissions.
Combining these technologies and procedures helped to halve the overall CO2 emissions to 54 grams per passenger and kilometre, equivalent to a fuel efficiency of 2.2 litres of fuel per passenger and 100 kilometres.
[pictured: CFM-56 engine on Airbus A321; courtesy Air France]