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Air France gives tech start-ups a hand

Air France customers are now able to exclusively test the advanced-tech products and services of ten French start-ups.

Air France and the advertising agency BETC have come up with a new way to help French tech start-ups “get off the ground”. During October they are bringing start-up entrepreneurs together with the carrier’s customers.

Passengers will be able to exclusively test the products and services of ten new French tech firms spanning a range of fields including augmented reality, artificial intelligence, biomimicry and magnetometry, as well as wine appreciation, music, culture and well-being.

The experience is now open in the Air France lounge at Paris-CDG Terminal 2E, Hall M, until October 12 and via the website until October 31.

Avatar creator
Six start-ups have positioned their innovations in the lounge including MyEGGO, a 3D modelling cabin with 400 tiny cameras that claims to be able to create your avatar to within a millimetre’s accuracy. From there, users will be able to see the avatar “evolve independently on their mobile phone”.

Among the other innovators that can be seen on the website is Glowee, which uses biomimicry and chromotherapy to create a “living light source brought to you by nature, a revolutionary way to produce and consume electricity”.

The Universal Museum of Art is “the first virtual reality museum collaborating with museums and specialists to provide unique exhibitions, available for free over the internet”.

And Pilipop is “an easy language learning method on tablet and mobile phone using vocal recognition technology, specially designed for children aged five upwards, by expert linguists”.

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