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Air France's new premium economy seating (photo: Air France)

Air France jazzes up economy, premium economy

The airline presents its new economy and premium economy “collection” stressing “comfort” and “elegance”.

At the IFTM Top Resa travel show in Paris this week, Air France is presenting its new-look economy and premium economy cabins, highlighting “a new travel experience” on board its 15 Airbus A330s, to be refitted from January 2019.

Passengers will progressively discover a new colour scheme and additional products and services to “improve the travel experience” on all of the airline’s long-haul flights.

These new cabins, and more widely the new economy and premium economy products, will also be on display in the coming days on the ground floor at the BHV Marais in Paris from September 26 to October 3.

In economy, Air France is stressing “comfort for all”, with more space between the armrests (44cm), reinforced ergonomic foam in the seat and a 118° recline, 79cm legroom, a wider “latest generation” 11.7-inch (29.8cm) 16:9 touch screen and a larger tray table.

A new design and accessories are being introduced, with a deep blue monochrome fabric signed with an accent, the symbol of the Air France brand, on the cabin cushions and headrests.

There are also a new bright red blanket and “collectible night masks” inspired by the carrier’s destinations.

The economy seat allows electronic devices to be used throughout the flight with a USB plug and individual electric socket, and passengers can stay connected with Wi-Fi.

Premium privacy
Premium economy, meanwhile, where “privacy and elegance prevail”, has a 130° seat recline in a fixed shell, one of the widest seats with 48.3cm, a 102cm seat pitch, lumbar support adapted to different body shapes, additional storage space and a 13.3 inch (33.9cm) HD screen.

The softer seat cushions and wider leather armrests have also been redesigned, with a red feather pillow, dark blue blanket and a comfort kit renewed every six months.

Besides the Wi-Fi and electric socket, there are two individual USB ports and a “wide choice of entertainment”.

As soon as they arrive on board, passengers are given an oshibori-style hand towel to freshen up, and at “aperitif time” the cabin crew offer a complimentary glass of champagne.

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