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photo: Air France

Air France launches new inflight Wi-Fi choices

Choose from any of three “passes” that give access to texts, to emails and the internet, or to high-speed streaming.

With its entire fleet to be equipped with Wi-Fi by 2020, Air France has announced Connect, allowing passengers to stay connected throughout their flight – with a set of “passes” to choose from.

A free pass, called Message, will be available to all customers to send texts via their devices’ apps, while two fee-paying passes, Surf and Stream, will give access to the Internet through passengers’ smartphones, tablets or computers.

Message allows passengers to send and receive Whatsapp, Messenger, iMessage and WeChat texts free of charge on their phones or tablets throughout the flight – as well as giving access to airfrance.com and the Air France app.

A Surf pass, meanwhile, lets them surf the net and consult or send emails. It costs €3 for short-haul flights, €5 for medium-haul flights, and €8 per hour or €18 for the whole trip on long-haul flights.

A Stream pass, available on all long-haul flights, includes all the benefits of the Message and Surf passes and “allows you to benefit from a high-speed internet connection to enjoy streaming and downloading throughout the flight” for €30. Passengers can use Flying Blue Miles to pay for the services or the usual range of credit cards.

Rollout begins
Connect and the passes are being rolled out now and by the end of 2018 they will be available on 22 long-haul aircraft and eight short- and medium-haul aircraft, with the aim of equipping the entire fleet by the end of 2020.

As soon as passengers arrive on board, after activating airplane mode on their device they will be able to activate Wi-Fi and select the AirFranceCONNECT network to be automatically directed to the connect.airfrance.com connection portal.

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