Air France provides its pilots with iPads

iPads “improve communication processes and flight safety”

Air France has announced that it has started to equip all 4100 of its pilots with iPads, which the airline says will add to flight safety. Pilots on Boeing 777 aircraft are the first to receive the devices, with all remaining Air France pilots using them by summer 2013. The iPad is reserved for use by the pilots on the ground only, replacing the use of laptops. It will also eliminate the need for the paper documentation traditionally distributed to each pilot, who will now be able to download manuals and terminal charts anywhere in the world and will automatically be informed of any updates, Air France says.
The airline explains that the use of iPads will improve communication processes by giving pilots the ability to electronically draft and dispatch regular reports, such as the Air Safety Report, Captain’s Report, and Security Report, at the conclusion of each flight. Quickly providing this type of feedback will improve flight safety, the company says.
[photo courtesy Air France]