Air France saves fuel with new baggage bins

Airline claims 8,000-ton cut in annual CO2 emissions

Air France has announced the completion of a renewal of the 3,650 hold baggage containers on its long-haul aircraft. This includes the aircraft types A380, A340, A330, and Boeing 777 and 747.
The new, lighter containers are made of composite fiber panels rather than aluminum, cutting the overall weight of the aircraft before and during the flight. They now weigh 72 kilos compared with 83 kilos before.
Air France says the reduction in aircraft weight cuts CO2 emissions by 8,000 tons a year, corresponding to 2,500 tons of fuel. The new containers also make work easier for ramp staff, the airline says, improving flight punctuality.
TTG Nordic
[pictured: Weight reductions on a long-haul aircraft; courtesy Air France]

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