Air France strike hits over 150,000 people

And union threatens even more strikes after this one
Over 150,000 passengers have so far been affected by the weeklong holiday-period Air France cabin crew strike, with around 900 flights cancelled in the first five days.
Flight attendants, who are fighting for better pay and employment contracts, say the strike will end on Tuesday evening.
Today, the airline expects to operate 80% of medium-haul flights to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle, 80% of its domestic flights and more than 95% of long-haul flights.
The July 27 to August 2 strike was called by the two leading Air France unions in an effort to force management to agree to a longer extension on a labour contract on rules, pay and promotions that runs out at the end of October. Management wants the extension limited to 17 months, the unions between three and five years.
One of the union leaders said on Sunday there could be more strikes after the current one ends.
Al Jazeera