Air hostess’ secrets of stress-free travel

Air France attendant shares tips on surviving a long flight
A flight attendant knows all the tricks for avoiding the negative effects of a long flight and jet lag on body and mind. With this in mind, Air France flight attendant Sarah P. shares her tips on surviving a long trip in the air.
Wear loose-fitting clothes and avoid tight trousers, she says, ideally putting on support stockings on the morning of the flight. A stole slipped in your bag can keep you warm against cold air conditioning.
Choose a comfortable position, avoid crossing your legs to promote blood circulation and use a travel cushion to aid sleeping and reduce neck ache, she advises.
“During your flight, it’s better to eat light meals and drink more water than usual to compensate for the low humidity levels on board,” Sarah says. “Try to limit your consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol, the effects of which can be stronger on board.”
As far as beauty is concerned, “it’s best to remove make-up before departure and take along a small cosmetics bag with a few essentials such as hand cream, lip balm, moisturizer, a toothbrush and refreshing wipes”.
Remove contact lenses and wear glasses instead, “and consider taking individual doses of physiological serum for the flight”, she says.
Get up, walk around and stretch your body as much as possible – and “send yourself a copy of all your travel and identity documents by email, just in case you lose them at your destination”.
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