Air Iceland detours to see erupting volcano

Pilot gives passengers once-in-a-lifetime view



Passengers on board a recent flight with Air Iceland, part of the Icelandair Group, were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime detour to see the volcanic fissure eruption in the Bárðarbunga area.

With the flight path routing over central Iceland, the chance of witnessing the rare event on the morning of September 3 turned into reality due to clear skies, and the Air Iceland pilot didn’t let the moment pass by.

Taking a short detour to circle back around the eruption area, passengers on both sides of the aircraft were treated to an aerial view of the eruption while flying safely over the centre of the action. This allowed passengers Erla Vinsý and Odee to take some unique photographs [pictured].

With brightly-coloured lava seeping through the earth’s crust and steam billowing from below the surface, the passengers and crew of the flight were given a memory they will not forget.

Tourists in Iceland are reported to be booking all available charter flights for sightseeing into the uninhabited interior of Iceland where the volcano is putting on its show. Icelandair is turning the natural event into an opportunity by asking passengers to post their photos on social media.

TTG Nordic

[photos courtesy Icelandair]

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