Air Iceland to add weekly Greenland departure

Extra departure will be at a time convenient to tourists
Air Iceland, primarily an Icelandic domestic carrier, says it will add an additional weekly flight between Reykjavík and Nuuk in its summer 2016 schedules, taking its total to three. This will help promote Nuuk as a travel destination, the carrier says.
The extra frequency will depart in the middle of the day, complimenting Air Iceland’s departures from Nuuk early in the morning and in the evening. This will give passengers time to connect with onward flights to Europe and North America.
In 2006, the airline carried 16,096 passengers between Iceland and destinations in eastern Greenland and Narsarsuaq. Nuuk was added in 2007, Ilulissat in 2008. During the 2015 season, it carried 26,500 passengers. Air Iceland also plans to fly to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland’s main airport, in 2016.
The Arctic Journal