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Marketing and social media image for the airline's Visby flights (photo: Air Leap)

Sweden’s Air Leap announces new route

The new Stockholm Arlanda-based carrier grows at a modest pace, shadowing some of the routes of now-bankrupt NextJet.

Three routes will become four-and-a-half when the new Stockholm Arlanda-based carrier Air Leap expands later this year, the Swedish aviation news site Flygtorget reports.

The new destination is Turku in Finland, to be operated from Arlanda, and this summer there will briefly also be traffic between Arlanda and Visby on the island of Gotland.

These add to routes currently in operation from Sweden’s biggest airport to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands and Karlstad on Lake Vänern.

Operating three Saab 340Bs, the company also has an affiliate with the same name in Norway, which operates a domestic route between Oslo Gardermoen and Ørland.

NextJet’s shadow
Founded in 2018, Air Leap continues to shadow routes once included in the now-bankrupt NextJet’s former network. The Karlstad link was one of NextJet’s more profitable routes and has proved to be a backbone also for Air Leap, Flygtorget writes.

Mariehamn was also a safe bet. Now Air Leap is stepping into another NextJet destination with Turku, the maiden flight for which is scheduled for August 26 with ten round trips per week.

However, the Visby route will be short, taking place during the political events of Almedalen Week in the first week of July.

Air Leap previously flew for a period on Arlanda-Jönköping but gave up when competition from the domestic airline BRA became too intense. But now BRA has said that its own connection will be shut down in June, which could leave room for an Air Leap comeback.

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