Air passengers on flight “told to buy fuel”

Shocked passengers told to pay €23,000 towards fuel costs

Passengers on a flight with the Austrian airline Comtel Air from Amritsar in India to Birmingham Airport in the UK have been describing how they were told to contribute their own money towards fuel expenses when the plane stopped in Vienna to refuel. The shocked passengers were told to pay the equivalent of more than €23,000 towards fuel costs if the plane was to complete its journey. “If we didn’t have the money they were making us go one by one outside in Vienna to get the cash out,” one of the passengers said. Other passengers are stranded in India because Comtel Air flights have been cancelled.
“I have heard what happened, it shouldn’t have happened, and I will investigate why it happened,” Comtel Air’s director of passenger services Bhunpinder Kandra said. “The people who had to pay the money will receive a refund.”