Air passengers to double in 20 years

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IATA predicts varying rates of growth around the world
There will be double the number of airline passengers in the air in less than 20 years from now, according to the International Air Transport Association, which expects 7.8 billion people to travel by air in 2036.
The forecast is based on a 3.6% average compound annual growth rate from this year’s 4 billion travellers and is part of IATA’s latest 20-Year Air Passenger Forecast.
Asia-Pacific will be the biggest driver of demand, being the source of more than half the new passengers over the next two decades, reaching 3.5 billion by 2036.
China will overtake the United States as the world’s biggest aviation market two years earlier than previously forecast, now expected to be in around 2022.
iata, graph, usa, china, forecastBoth India and later Indonesia will overtake the United Kingdom’s aviation market, in 2025 and 2030, respectively. Thailand and Turkey will enter the top 10 largest markets, while France and Italy will fall to 11th and 12th.
Europe will grow at an expected 2.3% per year to 1.5 billion passengers, while North America will also grow by 2.3% annually, to 1.2 billion passengers in 2036, IATA says.
The biggest regional growth will be in Africa, with an annual rise of 5.9%, to 400 million passengers in 2036. The Middle East will be second in annual growth terms at 5%, reaching 517 million by 2036.
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