Air passengers want Wi-Fi via own devices

Bring-your-own mobile device, taking over the skies
Many more airline passengers want to use inflight Wi-Fi to connect to entertainment via their own mobile devices, according to IATA’s latest Global Passenger Survey.
The airline association says that the number of travellers seeking inflight entertainment (IFE) on their own devices via on-board internet has risen by 12% over the last year to 51%, in a survey of almost 7,000 passengers.
“Passengers want convenience and quick results with their bookings and check-in, a seamless and secure airport experience and uniquely tailored experiences throughout their journey,” said IATA’s Nick Careen.
“They are ready to embrace the benefits of new technology when it comes to enhancing their travel experience.”
Most respondents (71%) are in favour of digital self-service options like checking in online, 33% want to self-tag their bags, 39% prefer electronic bag tags, and 61% are interested in tracking their luggage throughout the journey.