“Air rage” is on the rise, statistics say

“Passengers threw hot coffee at each other”, report says
“Air rage” incidents have nearly tripled over the last three years, with drunken passengers, physical assaults, smoking in toilets and bomb threats all increasing, the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority reports.
New figures show that 115 incidents occurred on UK airlines in 2014, up from 85 in 2013, 47 in 2012 and 39 in 2011.
Alcohol is a key component in many of the incidents. One incident report reads: “Disruptive passenger consuming own alcohol failed to comply with cabin crew requests, became verbally abusive and displayed threatening behaviour towards cabin crew and passengers. Police boarded aircraft on arrival.”
Another simply reads: “Disruptive passengers were standing during landing. Alcohol involved.” One more says: “Disruptive passenger caused damage to seats and deployed overwing exit slide.”
The in-flight space also provoked fights, as one report showed: “Disruptive passengers. Two passengers threw hot coffee at each other after engaging in an argument over seating space. The two passengers were immediately separated from each other and were both treated for burns. Police attended aircraft on arrival.”
TTG Digital
[photo courtesy Swedavia]

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