Air travel to be more personalised, experts say

Airports and airlines should be like Amazon, Uber and Netflix
Airports and airlines must increasingly personalise the experience of travel for each individual consumer, travel marketing experts say.
Businesses like Amazon, Uber and Netflix allow people to satisfy their whims as and whenever they wish, said Angelo Contreras global product marketing manager for Sabre, at the CAPA World Aviation Summit 2015 in Helsinki.
Over the next decade, the experience of flying will need to become just as responsive to the demands of customers by connecting with them, giving context to their trip and making it convenient for them, he explained.
To do this, every business involved in the journey needs to make better use of the data available to them.
“Traditional airlines only use 12% of the data they have on passengers effectively; 88% is still unstructured,” Contreras said. “If you start to break open that 88%, there is so much more you can do.”
Amadeus’ vice president for distribution and marketing, Decius Valmorbida, added: “As customers become more sophisticated and create new demands, all of us are forced to react a lot more.”
He also argued that airlines and airports must consider the experience from customers’ point of view. “They’re not buying air tickets, they’re buying a trip,” he said.
Businesses should prepare for the continued explosion in mobile use, said Mobile Travel Technologies senior director Alison Bell, who gave the example of an easyJet app that has been downloaded 13 million times, while 10% of its business now comes via mobile.
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