airBaltic: 99% of transfer passengers on time

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New “tail-to-tail initiative” escorts passengers in transit

The Latvian and increasingly pan-Baltic airline airBaltic reports this morning that it carried over 900,000 transit passengers in 2017, just 1.08% of whom lost their connection due to unforeseen circumstances, such as delays caused by strikes at European airports or the weather.

The news comes a week after it was revealed that airBaltic ranked number one globally for punctuality in 2017, in a survey by aviation consultancy OAG, which tracked the performance of over 50 million flight records.

That put it on the top of the global on-time performance ranking for the last four consecutive years.

The airline launched a “tail-to-tail initiative” in 2017, according to Laura Vecvanaga-Puķīte, vice president for ground operations and customer care, “which has enabled us to improve the service level we provide to our transfer passengers”.

The initiative means that “we now appoint a staff member to accommodate every transfer passenger on short connections to their next gate, in that way making the transfer faster and more pleasant to our passengers”.

No cancellations
She added: “There are many benefits that passengers can experience when flying the most punctual airline in the world. In 2017, the flight regularity exceeded our internal target at 99.4%. In November, airBaltic did not cancel a single flight. We provide world-leading punctuality and reliability and our passengers can count on us.”

airBaltic serves a little over 60 destinations from its home base in Riga as well as a number of direct flights from Tallinn and Vilnius.

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