Airbnb: $110 per night in back of a car

Overnight is not your average apartment stay



Even by Airbnb standards it’s not your average overnight stay. A Tesla Model S owner in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, has put his luxury car up for rent as an accommodation option on the increasingly popular rental site.

Surprisingly, everything you need for an overnight stay is included, including a double airbed and remote-controlled candles. The Tesla is parked in the owner’s garage. It’s yours for the equivalent of €77 per night for two people.

“The Tesla will be your ‘private room’, but you still get access to a kitchen, TV room and bathroom /shower,” the Airbnb listing says. The Fastest Hotel in the World, as the entry is captioned, is “too small for anyone over 6’6” (198cm). Guests must vacate the vehicle by 8am as the car is still in use, but it’s possible to hang out in the adjacent apartment afterwards.

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[photo courtesy Airbnb]