Airbnb could give hotels a boost in F&B

Most Airbnb guests splash out on food and shopping
Airbnb users have spent $4.5 billion over the last year on dining out in cities around the world, a report by the company states. Hotels therefore have a chance to drive food-and-beverage revenue among this group.
Airbnb says that 64% of guests who think they are saving money by using the home-sharing platform then spend more on food and shopping.
Airbnb hosts are allowed to recommend local attractions including restaurants that are geographically close to their own listing. Dining out continues to grow as Airbnb usage grows.
According to research by AlixPartners, consumers around the world want to “trade up” from fast-food restaurants and supermarkets to fast-casual, casual-dining and fine-dining venues. The trend for local, authentic, seasonal and healthy food is an opportunity for hotels’ non-room services.
Hotels are realizing that restaurants need to be run as standalone businesses.
“By combining the creativity and passion of entrepreneurs with the scope and resources available in our hotels, we can create some truly extraordinary restaurant and bar experiences,” says Jeremy Dodson, vice president of F&B at Marriott International Europe.
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