Airbnb is huge in central Copenhagen

Around 7% of city centre is up for rent on Airbnb
Home-sharing upstart Airbnb has found a natural home for itself in central Copenhagen, according to new figures by the Kraks Fond economic research institute.
As much as 7% of housing in the centre of the city is listed on the increasingly popular online rental marketplace, with 2.6% of residential property in Copenhagen as a whole on the site.
The number of addresses listed in the Danish capital is about the same as much bigger cities like Barcelona and Berlin, making it more of a success story in Copenhagen.
Prices range from DKK 1,137 (€153) per night on average in the city centre to DKK 574 in outer-Nørrebro and Bispebjerg. Almost half of Airbnb hosts in Copenhagen do so more than ten times a year. A few do so more than 50 times a year.
The Danish capital has so far been friendly to Airbnb, in contrast to Berlin and New York, with the municipality saying it would wait until it is sure how it affects housing prices in the city before introducing any regulation.
Copenhagen Post